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  • Optimization of fermentation conditions for cultivation of B.Bifidum in Chinese herb extract. 

    Lim, Thennant Xuan Rong.; Won, Adriel Tian Cong.; Tok, Ee Ren.; Ng, Gerard Ying Zhan.
    This report will cover the objective of the project, the background of the project, the scope of the project, the team s hypothesis, the team s approach to the project, the materials used and the total cost of the project, ...
  • Development of new cosmetic ingredients from Chinese herb extract. 

    Chua, Han Yi.; Tim, Mao Jie.; Neha Narakattuvalappil.
    In recent times, there has been an increase in global demand for natural skin whitening products. To meet this demand, research and development has to be done to source for natural ingredient that has skin whitening ...
  • Fruiticity microbial fuel cells powered by fruit waste. 

    Foo, Joanne.; Pritipal Kaur.; Mohamed Syaqif.
    This report is an analysis of the study of the effect of using cellulase on the performance of the Microbial Fuel Cell with fruit waste as the power source. Using fruit waste as a power source is part of implementing ...
  • A study of bacterial cellulose production from rotten fruit sources. 

    Goh, Boon Siong.; Ho, Marcus Zheng Wei.; Lau, Nicholas.; Ng, Zi Yao.
    Bacterial Cellulose (BC) is cellulose produced by certain strains of bacteria, and the material can be synthesized to possess certain favorable properties such as, but not limited to, tensile strength, purity, water holding ...
  • Formulation of thermo-responsive pva-based hydrogel for fragrance releasing application. 

    S Veera Naren.; Chia, Gabriel Zhi Herng.; Kwek, Gin Khang.; Tay, Lynn Jie Yu.
    The final year project focuses on the investigation of the possibility of improving thermo-responsive performance of PVA-based hydrogels by optimising Lower Critical Solution Temperature (LCST). This is done so by producing ...

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