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  • 10.10.10 balik kampung @ Bottle Tree Park. 

    Teo, Kai Liang.; Peh, Hui Ting.; Chia, Joanne Hui Ru.
    This report is a documentation of our journey on our first event management experience and we will reveal an insight on how far knowledge gained in our Diploma Course can prepare us for the working life. Balik Kampung @ ...
  • 13th Precinct. 

    Lim, Ming Liang.
    This design concept is for a Serviced Office for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The office will comprise future workspaces to help nurture a healthy community of Millennial Freelancers and SMEs by allowing flexibility ...
  • 2 compartment eco-friendly water closet. 

    Koh, Kai Ling.; Tan, Pei Ru.; Yeoh, Jian Ming.
    This report aims to promote the effectiveness of recycling urine for fertilizing and reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. It also aspires to reduce the amount of human waste disposed and to use the urine as organic ...
  • 2-Axis position control system. 

    Chiang, Gai Keong.; Ng, Hong Kai.; Lim, Jason Yu Sheng.; Lee, Hui Ya.; Chew, Lai Yee.
    A 2-position control system is designed and built mainly for teaching purposes. With this system, secondary school students will be able to get more in touch with modern technologies in a much simpler way, enabling them ...
  • 2-in-1 vision test system. 

    NurulHidayah BadrulHisham.; Muhammad Imran.; Mohamad Haizat, Muhammad Fazli.
    The purpose of this project is to design software using Matlab of which is able to integrate two eye test system into one. The two eye tests are Hess Screen Test and Peripheral Vision Test. Enhanced features like patient's ...
  • 20 bit word serial message interface (3) 

    Lim, Sylvia Po Hong.; Wong, Yasong.
    The objective of this project was to design a 20 bit word serial message interface for a decoder to decode the Manchester II Coded Data back to original data.
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