1. This collection contains past exam papers from the last 5 years and past mid-semester test (MST) papers from the last 3 years. (These periods may differ for some modules due to course requirements.) Earlier papers are not provided as module syllabi are revised over time, so the questions from these papers would no longer be relevant to the current module.
  2. If the paper for a module is not available here, contact your lecturer. (Papers are submitted to this database by lecturers.)
  3. The papers have been provided for your practice and do not come with solutions. You may wish to contact your lecturer for advice on the answers.
  • For lecturers: To submit exam papers, please login, then click on your school. If you would like instructions, click here.
  • For schools marked with asterisk (*), exam papers from academic year 2016/17 are not available here.
  • For SP Business school, only the latest 3 past MST and exam papers are available here.

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