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  • Optimization of fermentation conditions for cultivation of B.Bifidum in Chinese herb extract. 

    Lim, Thennant Xuan Rong.; Won, Adriel Tian Cong.; Tok, Ee Ren.; Ng, Gerard Ying Zhan.
    This report will cover the objective of the project, the background of the project, the scope of the project, the team s hypothesis, the team s approach to the project, the materials used and the total cost of the project, ...
  • Development of new cosmetic ingredients from Chinese herb extract. 

    Chua, Han Yi.; Tim, Mao Jie.; Neha Narakattuvalappil.
    In recent times, there has been an increase in global demand for natural skin whitening products. To meet this demand, research and development has to be done to source for natural ingredient that has skin whitening ...
  • Fruiticity microbial fuel cells powered by fruit waste. 

    Foo, Joanne.; Pritipal Kaur.; Mohamed Syaqif.
    This report is an analysis of the study of the effect of using cellulase on the performance of the Microbial Fuel Cell with fruit waste as the power source. Using fruit waste as a power source is part of implementing ...
  • A study of bacterial cellulose production from rotten fruit sources. 

    Goh, Boon Siong.; Ho, Marcus Zheng Wei.; Lau, Nicholas.; Ng, Zi Yao.
    Bacterial Cellulose (BC) is cellulose produced by certain strains of bacteria, and the material can be synthesized to possess certain favorable properties such as, but not limited to, tensile strength, purity, water holding ...
  • Formulation of thermo-responsive pva-based hydrogel for fragrance releasing application. 

    S Veera Naren.; Chia, Gabriel Zhi Herng.; Kwek, Gin Khang.; Tay, Lynn Jie Yu.
    The final year project focuses on the investigation of the possibility of improving thermo-responsive performance of PVA-based hydrogels by optimising Lower Critical Solution Temperature (LCST). This is done so by producing ...
  • Literature review on converting carbon dioxide into energy. 

    Tan, Chin Rong.
    Fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas are non-renewable energy sources, most of the world electricity generation depends heavily on fossil fuel. It is said that fossil fuel will one day eventually run out. Hence ...
  • Development of solvent tolerable stable immobilize enzyme for biocatalysis. 

    Wu, Andrew Kai En.; Leong, Gavin Zhiwei.; Khoo, Wei Zhi.
    The enantiomers of the organic compound (R,S)-1-phenylethyl acetate, R-phenylethyl acetate and S-phenylethyl acetate, are highly important compounds that are sought after in the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical ...
  • Investigations into methods and materials to contain marine oil spills. 

    Wang, Alvin.; Erasmus Twang.; Wang, Tom Wen Ting.
    In this report, we will firstly introduce the project scope and background as to what our capstone project is about which includes explaining our objective and giving a little explanation on how we came about this project. ...
  • Eco-friendly oleophilic membrane with hydrophobic coating for marine oil spill treatment. 

    Low, Yi Hong.; Wee, Keane Jin Yen.; Muhammad Khairul Firdaus Bin Paroep.
    In this capstone project, we tested the effectiveness of the hydrophobic solution at different concentration by validating it with the oil-water separation performance of the commercial membrane used and further compared ...
  • Study on harvesting heat energy using membranes (Part 2) 

    Chia, Reagan Teck Fatt.; Teo, Yi Heng.; Chan, Jeng Hin.
    Industrial heat waste of around 100?C are abundant and generally wasted by letting it to cool down naturally. One of the ways to harvest this energy is through Thermo-Osmotic Energy Conversion (TOEC). Hence, a project to ...
  • Harnessing energy from fluid flow. 

    Muhammad Firdaus Ang.; Hasreen Mashari.; Ishak Ahamed.
    It is usual that water wheels does not come into mind when you think of equipments in a Chemical Plant. Reason being that no where in the chemical industry are water wheels being used. Traditional water wheels are almost ...
  • Modelling and simulation of heat exchanger-reactor system. 

    Chan, Ivan Zheng Yang.
    Process intensification is a chemical engineering field which has truly emerged in the past few years and is currently rapidly growing. It consists in looking for safer operating conditions, lower waste in terms of costs ...
  • Repurposing horse manure into a sustainable biomass briquette. 

    Liu, Xiao Feng.; Yap, Brendan Ee Herng.; Leong, Clara Sze Kei.; Choi, Ewan.
    This Capstone Project allowed us to seek solutions on sustainable renewable energy, specifically on repurposing waste into a useful product. In this project, the idea was to repurpose horse manure into a biomass briquette ...
  • Development of membrane for ethanol recovery. 

    Samantha Canuel.; Cheong, Isaac.; Neo, Nicholas Wei Sheng.
    Currently in the industry, the way to separate water and ethanol is to let the mixture undergo distillation. However, distillation is an expensive process, both energy wise and cost wise. Furthermore, ethanol and water ...
  • Synthesis of hydrogel from pomelo peel waste. 

    Goh, Yoke Peng.; Goh, Yu En.; Chan, Kenneth.; Teo, Rui Ling.
    Food wastage is a pressing global issue in society nowadays. With approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted annually, that accounts for roughly one-third of the amount of food produced for human consumption annually ...
  • Development of biodiesel reactor for rural communities. 

    Chen, Wei Jun.; Goh, Jing Xun.; Yeo, Hendra Zong Jun.; Yong, Hui Ting.
    This report covers the design of small-scale biodiesel reactor for rural communities capable of converting biodiesel from waste cooking oil feedstock at minimum cost. Background information of biodiesel is covered as well ...
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