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  • 2018-08 

  • Flight simulator system. 

    Bahjah Bte Mohamed Yamin.; Lim, Samuel Sheng Hian.; Harikishen S/O Chandra Kumar.; Yip, Jeff Kai Kit.; Gan, Eujun.
    The function of a flight simulator is to create an artificial environment that recreates actual flying conditions and/or experience. However, a lot of simulators that are built usually use a built-in software and control ...
  • Automated composite repair process. 

    Tan, Yan Ming.; The, Min Chi.; Muhammad Harraz.; Muhammad Azri Bin Mohamed Latif.
    The purpose of this project is to design and test out an automated sanding process for composite. The automated sanding process was carried out using a CNC milling machine and a composite cutter was used to remove the ...
  • Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Structures. 

    Chan, Anabelle .; Philippe Baldomero Elisan.; Yeo, Joel Zhi Kun.; Zahra Amelia Binte Halek.
    This project involves the fabrication of carbon fibre laminates with deliberate internal defects such as foreign inclusions that cause delamination, then finding out the effectiveness between both Non-Destructive Testing ...
  • Operation and maintenance of hawker 700 APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). 

    Chen, Hong Wei.; Hoe, Yee Siang.; Yeo, Jonah.; Tok, Shi Xuan.; Yap, Hui Min
    This project aims to design and create a portable external fuel system to support the operation of the Hawker 700 Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) located in the SP Aerohub. As the school regulations do not allow fuel to be ...
  • Review of metal additive manufacturing technologies. 

    Feng, Cheng.; Tan, Kanny Boon Keng.; Chua, Hua Meng Hue.
    Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an innovation rapidly developing on various industrial sectors. It provides Design flexibility and environmental/ecological advantages. It transform the essentially design files to functional ...
  • Free and forced vibrations experimental setup. 

    Teo, Samuel Ze Yu.; Tan, Kok Chen.; Sim, Chuan Yang.
    Vibration describes repetitive motion that can be measured and observed in a structure. Unwanted vibrations may cause damages, fatigue or degrading the performance of the structure. As a result of the negativity caused by ...
  • Miniature cnc milling machine. 

    Liew, Si Jie.; Lee, Wen Jie.; Poh, Yong Keong.; Ng, Jerry.
    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is becoming more and more popular as a method to remove material through cutting. Compared to traditional milling, CNC milling is more accurate, automated and able to cut complex parts ...
  • Design and fabricate a seeding device for hydroponic planting II. 

    Lam, Gabriel Wen Liang.; Poh, Hun Wei Sean.; Lau, Brandon Yit Herng.; Yao, Gabriel Zhu Kang.; Pulipati Shailesh Avinesh.
    The purpose of this project is to design, fabricate, and test a fully automated machine capable of bringing hydroponic farming to the masses through the technology of machine automation. A net-pot is first dispensed from ...
  • Report on metallic particle counter. 

    Chai, Jie Bei.; Chai, Jie Tung.; Tan, Sarah Jia Wen.
    The purpose of this project is to provide a better alternative of calculating metallic particles in the industry and hence improve the efficiency of the existing methods adopted. This report accounts for the design, ...
  • Design and development of a dual action motorized hand-wrist stretching mechanism for stroke patients with spasticity. 

    Tan, Shu Xian.; Ling, Wei Liang.; Si, Thu Phyo.
    The purpose of this project is to design, fabricate and test an active-assisted dual action motorized hand-wrist stretching mechanism with biofeedback to help stroke patients with spasticity. Intended to lessen spasticity ...
  • Prosthetic leg design and fabrication and courseware development. 

    Lim, Li Xuan.; Gnanam Abirami.
    The traditional design and fabrication process for a transtibial prosthetic leg has always been tedious and time-consuming. It involves a great period of time and energy to do casting, moulding and analyse the stress ...
  • Towards industry 4.0: Sensorizing CNC machine. 

    Zhao, Zedong.; Muhammad Aidil Bin Azman.
    This report is intended to introduce to people about our final year project of sensorizing the Computer Numerical Control(CNC) machine. In this report, it shows the detail of the components, cloud platform and program we ...
  • Modelling of an atrium vortex for smoke control. 

    Lim, Wei Qiang.; Ng, Yew Jie.; Ting, Hock Zhang.; Low, Wei Zie.
    This project is on smoke control simulations, focusing on a state-of-the-art atrium smoke control method called the vortex smoke control method. The objective of this project is to find ways to implement the vortex smoke ...
  • Semi-automatic inoculation. 

    Lim, Yan Shen.; Chan, Joel Wei Hong.; Ng, Yu Shuang.
    Mushroom cultivation has been in vogue for many years and is increasingly becoming popular. Mushrooms are consumed worldwide for both medicinal and culinary purposes. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors which make ...
  • Design odyssey social innovation project. 

    Yap, Immanuel Siong Seng .; Amirul Shafiq Goodenough B J T.; Lou, Wei Xiang.
    This report delves into the topic of SIP (Social Innovation Project) where a problem for a particular group of people needs to be solved. With the help provided from the Design Odyssey team from SUTD (Singapore University ...

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